DJ Changelog - what's changed?

July 2019 (v4.7)

  • Fixed an issue with Poke when using the journey overlay. It was not possible to click inside the fake geofence that is shown around the site.
  • Added a new template replaceable value for ==nextday== to be used when a journey needs to span midnight. Adds a day to the selected date.

May 2019 (v4.6)

  • Included the barcode for the Route ID on History page so that it can be used to logon to a SmartFlow route.

April 2019 (v4.5)

  • Simplified Log viewer. Previous used package would baulk at the sizes of log file being created. Swapped for home-grown solution.
  • User interface improvements.
  • When creating Journeys, they can be requested for 'Yesterday'. This is useful to allow testing without cluttering the current views

February 2019 (v4.4)

  • Users can bookmark templates. These will then be pinned to the top of the template list
  • Added Replay Data Explorer. Allows the replay data to be edited. Rows can be duplicated, edited and deleted.
  • Added ability to turn off the replay data for a single system rather than having to remove each vehicle
  • Barcodes available via the history page have increased in size to make them easier to scan
  • When filtering templates for a specific system, the dropdown is now sticky and will retain the previously selected item
  • Added this Changelog!
  • Created a button on each template row so that there is less scrolling to submit form
  • Reinstate the ability to delete any route, not just those on the history page
  • In Poke, switch out Open Streetmaps for Google Maps and Google Maps Javascript API
  • New Fake SiteInfo screen. Clicking on the map, a window opens with a nicely formatted address together with a fake name. Copy into JSI templates!